My skin is softer when I apply CareScence, it gets softer and softer and it stays that way.


After one week of use, I am very satisfied with the result for the face but also for the roughness of the elbows. 


CareScence, Complete Care Cream in the morning to illuminate my face, to soften my body, to moisturize my hands, this is THE cream I needed! Its creamy texture makes it so easy to apply to my skin like a caress. A real discovery. 


Madam, a few words to tell you what I think of your Complete Care Cream. I am 67 years old and have dry and sensitive skin. The cream is great, easy to apply. You only need to apply very little, it is not greasy and has a discreet fragrance. My skin is plumped up and looks like it can breathe better. My wife Nadia, 63 years old, and I only use your cream. My wife has combination skin for her face and very dry skin for her body. She says your cream doesn’t clog her pores and she is seeing a noticeable improvement in her dry skin. It is also very effective on her elbows and heels.


Very pleasant texture and smell. Suitable for mature skin.

Brigitte, 63 years old

I have been using the CareScence Complete Care Cream daily for several weeks now and find it suitable for both face and body. It perfectly moisturizes the skin without making it oily. Tested on eczema and really effective here as well. For my part, I don’t know how to do without it anymore. 


Moisturizing cream, pleasant on the skin (feeling of softness and refined smell, it does not stick, spreads easily. It makes the complexion luminous and is well suited to my sensitive skin. Cosmetic with natural ingredients, Belgian creation and production: major assets for me! It suits me perfectly. To be recommended! 

Caroline, 37 years old

The Complete Care Cream is easy to apply, non-greasy, has a pleasant smell and natural ingredients. I am very satisfied with it! 


I find this cream fluid and pleasant to apply. It penetrates easily into the skin and therefore allows you to apply make-up immediately afterwards. Since I’ve been using it, my dry skin is moisturized and supple. I will recommend it to my girlfriends! 

Chloé, 31 years old

I have dry to very dry skin depending on the period. My skin feels tight, sometimes itchy, I have always had to buy creams from pharmacies, which bothers me a lot since I prefer natural care. But since I’ve been using the Complete Care Cream, my skin is moisturized and supple. In addition, it is also perfectly suited for the sensitive skin on my face, which is plumped up and soft! I love it! 

Clara, 28 years old

The CareScence Complete Care Cream is a must. A must because it is the ultimate all-rounder: for the face, for the hands, for the feet, it’s amazing how it adapts to my body until it becomes one. No more need for a whole range of creams, just one! 


The Complete Care Cream is light and creamy, with a not too pronounced perfume. My skin is softened. This cream is just perfect! 


I got a big sunburn during a family picnic. Luckily I have my Complete Care Cream! When I got home, I applied it to my face and the next day, my skin was beautiful, supple and dewy again. Thank you CareScence!


I started the CareScence Complete Care Cream that you kindly sent me. I find it super pleasant to apply to the face. It is very soft and penetrates well into the skin. I also feel like I have fewer wrinkles above the upper lip!


I was perplexed about face and body care. But in April, due to the health crisis, I had to use all kinds of hydroalcoholic gel and after 15 days, I had pimples and patches on the top of my hand. Following the advice of Francine Rotsaert, I used the CareScence Complete Care Cream and after only 3 days I noticed a clear improvement. And shortly afterwards, the allergy disappeared. I now use this cream regularly. Thank you Francine, thank you CareScence!


After testing the CareScence Complete Care on psoriasis in hair, I noticed a clear improvement in the patches and especially in the itching. This was a real relief. So I tested it on my face and some of the areas where the skin was drier disappeared. Moreover, this cream is not greasy and leaves a very good smell of essential oils. I highly recommend it, I love it!